Jealousy is usually triggered by what the person considers a threaten of loss.

It’s a feeling of abandonment due to the partner’s attention being given to someone else.

The threaten may or may not be realistic as the person feels that.

Most of people I know confront their partners with questions and forbid them to do things.

Everybody feels that at a certain level.

I wouldn’t confront a partner about things that made me jealous.

I don’t think that’s the smart thing to do.

What the jealous person really wants cannot be achieved through forbidding the partner to do certain things.

What the jealous person really wants is the partner to stop wanting to do certain things.  And that doesn’t come through forbidden actions.

The partner may respond to the claim and stop doing but what if the partner still wants to do?

He will probably not share his feelings to avoid problems.

We can’t stop someone else desires just by wishing that no matter what.

All I know is that if I had a suspicion, not a real undeniable fact, I’d not confront my partner.

I’d instead analyze carefully how is the communication in the relationship.

What stopped working that worked well before? And would mostly analyze my actions first.

Would find out what in myself triggered the jealousy feeling.

If there’s a problem in the communication it must be resolved between the couple, at their perspective as a couple.

Not from a suspicious or third part perspective.

Nothing can be resolved on the outside or with someone else if it’s not resolved within us before.