From the movie Possession, based on the letters exchanged between Randolph Henry Ash and Christabel LaMotte during their intense secret relationship:

I shan’t forget the first glimpse  of your form.

I have dreamt nightly of your face……

and walked the landscape of my life 

with the rhythms of your writing

……ringing in my ears.

I shall never forget

our shining  progress towards one another.

Never have I felt

such a concentration of my entire being.

I cannot let you burn me up. 

Nor can I resist you.

No mere human can stand in a fire

and not be consumed.




Jokes employ the methods of condensation, displacement, allusion, substitution of a trivial idea for an important one; but, unlike dreams, jokes perform a social function, they require an audience.

The source of all jokes, humor, wit and comedy is man’s repressed instinctual nature, especially the instincts of sex and aggression.”


I want him to be so damn right 🙂 .

I need a break

When last month I had to take my vacation days for legal reasons [in Brazil you can’t accumulate 2 vacation periods] I got very angry. I couldn’t really take the days off, only “officially”, but I was at work.

Now, I’m gonna take them in the next days and I need them more than ever. I need a break to recover my peace of mind. One of those bad things that come for good reasons 🙂 . I’ll try not to complain of the next thing I dislike, I swear.

I ain’t planning to travel, it’s only two weeks. Though, I’m planning a few cool stuff to do. I’ll take a balloon flight with some ex-coworkers. And I’ll get my tattoos done finally [ I know it hurts, but life hurts more sometimes ].

About the balloon flight, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I finally got an opportunity. I hope I return to publish a few pictures of the flight here 🙂 . And also of the tattoos. Why not? I think someone would unlikely relate this blog to me.

We had a recent case of a priest who took a bunch of balloons [yeah, it’s not an urban legend, a bunch of party balloons] and took off. The weather wasn’t appropriate for it [ is there any appropriate weather to fly using party balloons? ]…anyway, no need to say he disappeared…he was found months later very far from his departure, by the crew of an oil platform….tsc…tsc…so stupid and sad.

I’m a little tired of the jokes people are making about my balloon flight [it’s a real balloon] and the priest’s: “Are you gonna take the priest’s ride?”. Me: [grin] [sigh]

Let’s see if I return to tell about it.

More From The Black Ghosts

I want nothing but the love of the next stranger who
walks through that door

I want nothing but to dissolve in the night and to feel
direction no more

I want nothing but to cut away until I find the core

The sound is low 😦 .

It’s not my favorite kind of music but they always have some lyrics, even in short songs like this, that fit me.