Watz goin’ on

Wednesday, 30th September – 2009
Time for changes…big changes…and they keep coming…
Monday, 13th July – 2009

Can’t focus on anything today. Lots of work to do.


Sunday, 12 th July – 2009

Studying part of it for certification test.

Nice friends visited and brought food [tomorrow’s lunch guaranteed].

Making saving money plans for my dream$$$.


Saturday, 11th July – 2009

Had to spend a fortune to fix my hair….long story…the worst part is spending the money I’m so hardly saving.

But I’ve already made recovery plans: cutting expenses with housekeeper and groceries this month and next  😦


Saturday, 2nd May – 2009

Yesterday my parents came to spend the holiday with me.

It was really really really nice. I’m really blessed to have grown up in this family.

They also brought me some things my sisters sent me.

The moments I’ve had with them ….nobody can take away from me.

Since I don’t live with them I always get touched by the way they care of each other. And how they surprise me!

Mom is 73 and dad is 83! When we were leaving the restaurant we went I asked them if I should call a cab. They asked how far it were and

I gave an example of a distance in our home town. They said: Are you kidding? We can make 3 of it. Let’s go walking :).


I think [I’m afraid to say that and the weather turn to rain again suddenly] …we’re finally going to take the balloon flight this Sunday.

Little dream becoming true 🙂 . Good sign if it happens :).

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


I’m going for a balloon flight with some friends and finally getting my tattoos done soon.

I’m a little afraid of the balloon flight but it’s the kind of what I call “good fear”. It’s more an excitement I could say. –  It was postponed to september, 21st, due to weather 😦


Joss Stone will be in São Paulo on June 16th and I just love her.

Haven’t found out yet how to go or with whom. I’ll figure it out :).


Following my plan to go out whenever whomever invites me for something, this weekend I’m going to see the Star Wars expo in São Paulo with a former co-worker. I’m a fan of the series and liked the idea. But even if I didn’t I would go 🙂


No answer from the other job yet…tsc …tsc…. Still have hope.

Today I got a reply from a place that offers Culinary courses. They are on vacation period now but they’ll send me the program soon. I want to join a course to see how it is. I promise not to perform tests in animals 🙂 .


– I decided I’ll accept the new job. I set things this way: if they do call me to go, I will [they are on vacation until the end of the year]. If something changes [you never know], then it is not meant to be. But I’ve made up my mind for a YES.


– Today [December 6th] I received a phone call from the HR department of the company I applied for a few weeks ago. The woman who called told me the process is gonna be on hold in December but they are going to make me an offer in January for sure. That was good to know.


– Another party! This time from one of the company’s partners. I’ve already confirmed to go with two friends from work :). Keeping mind and eyes busy, smaaaackkk!


– On Saturday I’ll be going to my city to get my hair cut and see my family[cats included, I miss them so much]. On Sunday evening there will be a great show there and I’m going.


– I was invited to a big New Year’s Eve party! Most of people that are going I don’t know, which excites me :). An aunt of a friend of mine is coming with her american husband from US, to give a party at their house at the beach [it’s a really cool place, the beach and the house] for his relatives that are coming for the 1st time to Brazil [yes, that’s where I live].

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