Thoughts and Emotions

Is it our thoughts that control our emotions or our emotions that control our thoughts?

I think the answer is : if we don’t have control over our thoughts and their power, then our emotions can take control over ourselves.

It’s not an easy thing though.

We usually allow positive emotions and thoughts be dependent on external factors. And negative emotions can come even without external factors.

Good emotions that depend only on external factors don’t last. And negative emotions can produce bad thoughts and even worse emotions. I’m pretty sure not only external factors cause diseases but negative emotions are an open door for them too.

Why is it so difficult to make a positive emotion last and so difficult to get rid of the negative ones?

The key is learning how to reject every negative emotions when they come.  We’re humans, they come.

Rejecting negative emotions  bring good thoughts and positive emotions that are not dependent on external factors and can last much longer.

It improves with practice and the benefit comes to ourselves and the ones who we share life with. It develops tolerance and increases our capacity to deal with difficulties in a more positive way.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”.


Some people wear wigs to cover their hair [or the lack of it]  for many different reasons. The main reason I think is to look better and this way feel better.

Sometimes people wear wigs to undercover their reality or part of it, emotional wigs.

I think we all have things we can’t deal well so we choose not to expose it until they get resolved. Keeping secrets is not the same of wearing a wig. Wearing a wig is turning the back on yourself and choose not to deal with your own truth and not accept your reality and your “baldness” on some areas.

In the case of the hair, I think the ones who choose to wear a wig can feel better about their look.

But wearing an emotional wig can really make someone feel better?

Right Track

Estimated world’s population: 6.77 billion

Earth Surface Area: 510,072,000 km²

I put this on my fridge to remember.

It’s a wide crowded world and life is too short to keep sadness when it comes to us.

Now the moments of sadness are becoming rare and lasting much less than before.

I’m a happy person by the nature of my soul.

And my perspective became wider.

The same rules that guides our lives in the Universe,  and sometimes we want to break, are the ones that protect us and can guide us on the right best track.

Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts

According to Wikipedia [ I have no other source available now, despite of what people say about Wikipedia], emotions are subjective experiences, from an individual point of view. People often behave in a certain way as a result of their emotional state.

Some emotions occur in a short period of time, like surprise, when others can last years, like love.

Feelings are more related to sensations and perception. Thoughts are the mental process in which the individuals deal with their environment and perceptions, according to their plans, needs, ends and desires.

It all happens at the same time and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

For me, the most difficult has been to keep the mental process about my emotions and feelings under control.

My thoughts are the cause of all my anxiety and anguish.

When I just let emotions and feelings flow naturally without processing them, I feel nice.They are pleasant themselves.

I have needs, ends and desires, like everybody else. And I know none of them can come from these specific emotions and feelings.

So, what’s the point in keep processing it mentally? There’s no point.

I’m fighting against any questions related to my emotions and feelings that arouse in my mind, any ifs, whys and hows.

And I hope that these emotions and feelings can spontaneously vanish as I started feeling them.

Love, Friendship and Emptiness

I think we all have this empty place inside that need and can only be filled with love.
That need that is more evident in the moments of solitude.
Some can deal better with it, not denying, but recognizing its existence and facing it, continuing on their way, doing their things, until the love they need can be found.

Others just can’t face it and can’t stay alone and they start relationships with anyone that appears in their lives, so they don’t have to deal with that need or think and learn about it and themselves.
So love is a positive feeling that comes from this need, which is somehow negative in itself.

The ones who can deal and face that need, spending some time alone learning about themselves, usually become more prepared to be in a love relationship. They search for that love that comes with affinity and erotism.
They face loneliness and need, refusing to be in an empty relationship.

It’s difficult to find someone who you have affinity with and also feel sexually attracted for. But it’s possible. And I think that’s the best to search for. That’s the big deal. And if there is something that big, I want it for me too, it’s natural.

Friendship is often treated as a minor relationship and Love as the big thing to be found.
But friendship is also great, something spontaneous and based exclusively in affinity. It doesn’t come from that place inside we need to fill.
It can be wonderful but it doesn’t change and has nothing to do with that need.

When we have affinity and friendship with someone we can spend hours talking silly and funny things with that person and think it’s wonderful. It would be torture beside someone else without any affinity. Also friendship is not exclusive as love. We can have more than one friend, though it’s not easy finding true friendship nowadays.

With all these things I believe, I keep taking my steps in life, knowing that everything that happens is for the best, even when they don’t feel so.