I’m out of Orkut

I deleted my Orkut account. With no regrets.

It wasn’t doing me any good.

I know I had people in my contact list which the only contact way was Orkut. I know, but if so, what’s the point?

My birthday last month was on a Monday, I was working. People who knew about it and congratulated me for it were people I talk daily, like my family and a few friends. They called me or visited me.  That night I went to have dinner with a couple of friends and another single friend. They are my everyday friends. And none of them left me a scrap for it. We had already talked in person. So, again, what’s the point?

I found some funny communities and it’s cool to see how people are all alike somehow. But that was not me for real. When I choose a community, it’s because I identify with something I want others to know about me. I realized that the things I want others to know about me I want they to find out naturally, through real contact with me, by asking and being with me. It’s not a community in Orkut that will define something about me. The same way, the things I want to know about others I want to find out through real contact with them, if I have an opportunity, by what I observe and ask. I don’t want to read in any scrapbook that someone is on vacation, or dating someone new.

The worst case: I had a friend who died in a plane crash last year. His account is still active and I was advised by Orkut about his birthday few weeks ago. I visited his account and found many spam scraps and there was one from a guy asking him if he was a relative of someone he knew that had the same surname. The guy never got a reply, of course. My friend is dead for one year now and is still receiving scraps. It made me feel so bad. Since that day I’ve been thinking about deleting it. And today I did 🙂 .

I’m only alive in the real world now. Not in Orkut anymore.

I have MSN, which is a real time contact and an opportunity to interact with people who not always can be around. This I wanna keep.

In fact, people who I talk to, even occasionally, already have my MSN and e-mail. They never use ORKUT to talk to me.

And also I have people I met on the blogosphere through this blog. Even if they have never seen me, they share some very personal stuff [ my emotions are a very personal matter to me ] with me.