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Aspie Quiz

I have taken the test above because of my strong suspicions on the subject.

My result was 149 of 200 in an Asperger spectrum.

I am probably an aspie. So what?

The more I know about myself the better.

That would explain a lot about my life.




“I feel liberated. I am, now and forever, post-love, and as such, am free to pursue a life of meaning”

Counting Stars

I feel something so right doing the wrong thing

I feel something so wrong doing the right thing

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Everything that downs me makes me wanna fly

My Way

During my life I’ve been through many different situations and met many different people.
The lessons I learned from each of them defined my way of life.
There’s always so much still to know and to learn. It’s important not to forget what is already learned.

Here are a few things I consider important:

– I’m interested in religion, though I’m not dominated by any of them.
– Real love allows you to love without being loved back.
– True happiness is not built and dependent on the pleasures of life, it’s something you create deep inside, and cannot be taken away by anything or anyone.
– Most of things in life are destined to ending. So, look only for the good part of each thing, because it will make you remember them with satisfaction.

My way.


Do you know the difference between life and death?

One second.

Thought Of The Night


Eternal life is not in a spoon of extra virgin olive oil.

So taste life, enjoy it. Life is short.

Just don’t make it shorter.


Where will they take me?