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Thoughts and Emotions

Is it our thoughts that control our emotions or our emotions that control our thoughts?

I think the answer is : if we don’t have control over our thoughts and their power, then our emotions can take control over ourselves.

It’s not an easy thing though.

We usually allow positive emotions and thoughts be dependent on external factors. And negative emotions can come even without external factors.

Good emotions that depend only on external factors don’t last. And negative emotions can produce bad thoughts and even worse emotions. I’m pretty sure not only external factors cause diseases but negative emotions are an open door for them too.

Why is it so difficult to make a positive emotion last and so difficult to get rid of the negative ones?

The key is learning how to reject every negative emotions when they come.  We’re humans, they come.

Rejecting negative emotions  bring good thoughts and positive emotions that are not dependent on external factors and can last much longer.

It improves with practice and the benefit comes to ourselves and the ones who we share life with. It develops tolerance and increases our capacity to deal with difficulties in a more positive way.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”.


Thought in the middle of the afternoon…

Maybe nothing else can set you free like having nothing to start with.

Thought in the middle of the afternoon

One friend put on his MSN phrase today: “Know the difference between insisting and persisting.”

That’s it. I can resist and patiently persist. But never ever insist.

I don’t call it giving up in this case, I call it respect.

Desire remains, action stops.

Thought of The Day

“Sometimes what is not said can hurt more than what is said or done.”

Thought of the Night

To share your life with someone else you need to break the walls you spent a lifetime building.”