Emotions and Chronical Diseases

We all get some illness every now and then. A cold, a virus, …

But many of us suffer with chronical problems all life.

There are many studies that relate these chronical health problems with emotional causes. I believe in it totally.

I’m sure my chronical problems have emotional causes. In my case is a huge fear of becoming vulnerable, exposing feelings. I became more aware of it in the recent times and that’s a step to solve. But it’s not enough. I have to work on a new mental attitude daily to reinforce the need and will of changing it. I’m trying through daily meditation oriented to it and diet. When I was taking the company bus to go to the office I was practicing it daily, along with diet of course, and lost 13 pounds.

Then I stopped it for a few weeks, kept the diet but ceased loosing weight. I’m still following the changes in my diet but now I’m back to practicing meditation daily again.

There is someone very special to me who has a rhinitis/breathing chronical problem. I never mention it with him because I think he is not open to talk about it [both: being special to me or the problem 🙂 ]. Coincidently this week I met that couple of friends from college and the girl suffers with the same problem her whole life. While I was at the movies with them I could hear her difficult breath and it reminded me a lot of my special friend [as if I needed something to remind me of him 🙂 ].

Well,  I googled about it and found a link that says this rhinitis/breathing problems, when they have emotional causes, it’s usually because the person refuses to bring some emotions to conscience and repress them, becoming allergic very easily.

I can’t tell about my special friend but I know this friend from college, we were roomies for a long time and I know she is a very rational person, refusing to show any sensitivity [the opposite of me when it relates to feelings]. She tends to repress anything that can make her feeling emotional. I can say she is very strong and good doing that.That description I found fits her perfectly.

And something funny happened at the movies. Her boyfriend and I cried at the end of the movie [he is a lovely guy] and when the lights were on she started laughing of us and saying: “I can’t believe you are crying!”. Then we three started laughing together.

Who am I to talk about someone else’s emotional problems? I have a lot to take care and solve.

And I’m working on it. Becomig aware of it is not enough. It’s a daily battle.

Keep on fighting 🙂 .