Reflections in the waiting rooms

I’ve been on “vacation” [between quotes because I don’t consider it vacation, since I’m home] for one week and still have one more week.

Despite of not doing anything fun and interesting, I’m taking care of personal matters that usually demand time, like going to the dentist and doctors we all should visit periodically.

So, I’ve spent a considerable time in waiting rooms this week, where the options are magazines about celebrities gossip or the TV on some stupid channel with the sound off, which makes them look even more stupid. 

I’m temporarily not busy and at the times I schedule my appointments, most of people I find in the waiting rooms are people used to having free time and also to reading celebrities gossip magazines. So, I don’t have other option than observing them. I feel so different from most of people I find in these places. I don’t mean I’m better, not at all, nor worse than them also. Just different, very different. At least my life is different.

First, I live alone [my sister is spending a few months with me but that’s a temporary condition and only on work days]…so I don’t have to tell nobody about my appointments, which seems not to be the case of those other people. Some of them make several phone calls during the wait time just to tell where they are and other silly stuff. It’s not my business how many phone calls they make, I know, but as I’m not deaf, I can’t help listening what they say and I wish I could.

 It’s just that they all seem to be so committed to daily activities that involve other people. I may be wrong but I don’t see this kind of people spending time reflecting about their existence like I do. 

Maybe I shouldn’t do it that much, but that’s another thing.

I think this must be exclusive of people who live lonely lives like me :). No, I’m not complaining, I can’t see myself committed to those kind of activities, not at all. They all seem so empty to me. I mean, I also have to deal with many of those matters in my life but I usually deal with them without making any phone call just to talk about them. I think these daily practical matters we all have are so meaningless. I almost never talk about them with my friends unless it can help or be a reference to someone.

Well, I still have a few hours to spend on waiting rooms this week. So I decided to take a book next time. I love reading but most of books I’ve read were borrowed from friends. I rarely buy a book and have very few at home. This time, fortunately, I found a book that has been on my list for a long time. I found it in the convenience store of the gas station right beside my building [funny place to buy a book, huh?] . I bought The Unbearable Lightness of Being this morning. I’ve already read a great part of it today. I have to manage to leave some for the waiting rooms. Great novel so far 🙂 .