Come To The Light, Déia

I don’t know about other countries but it’s not easy being a single woman living alone here in Brazil. Specially when the house needs some maintenance, it’s really difficult to find a professional that will charge an acceptable price, even for small services.

I’m not an adept of  home repair and, in those occasions, I need a male friend to deal with the professionals or do the repair himself.

Fortunately, I have great friends 🙂 .

I’ve had a lot of electrical problems in the apartment, from lamp sockets to the shower temperature.

My kitchen was in the dark for weeks and I couldn’t have a hot shower in these miserably cold days we’re having here.

Last saturday, with the great help of my friend, I finally got an electrician for an acceptable price and there’s light at every room of the apartment and…a hot [really hot] shower :).

Thanks my dear friend!


When we hear a very strong intense sound [they say there’s no loud or low sound, but strong or weak] …it keeps echoing in our ears for a while.

It may even feel like hearing the sound again but we know it’s just the echo.

There are things we experience in life that are so intense that sometimes we can feel like experiencing that again.

But that moment has gone and a new moment has come and still the reality is sometimes confused with what is just an echo.

It will cease at some point. I still hear it though.


Some people wear wigs to cover their hair [or the lack of it]  for many different reasons. The main reason I think is to look better and this way feel better.

Sometimes people wear wigs to undercover their reality or part of it, emotional wigs.

I think we all have things we can’t deal well so we choose not to expose it until they get resolved. Keeping secrets is not the same of wearing a wig. Wearing a wig is turning the back on yourself and choose not to deal with your own truth and not accept your reality and your “baldness” on some areas.

In the case of the hair, I think the ones who choose to wear a wig can feel better about their look.

But wearing an emotional wig can really make someone feel better?