I’ve just purchased an apartment. I’m very happy and also very stressed about taxes to pay and things to pack.

The already small apartment I live is now filled with empty boxes waiting for things to be packed.

I decided to start with the papers and documents, so I can get rid of what isn’t necessary anymore, to start a more organized or at least less chaotic life in the new apartment.

While getting rid of old stuff I realize most things I worry won’t be important in five years or even less.
Very few things matter after a time. And some will always matter to me.

My Way

During my life I’ve been through many different situations and met many different people.
The lessons I learned from each of them defined my way of life.
There’s always so much still to know and to learn. It’s important not to forget what is already learned.

Here are a few things I consider important:

– I’m interested in religion, though I’m not dominated by any of them.
– Real love allows you to love without being loved back.
– True happiness is not built and dependent on the pleasures of life, it’s something you create deep inside, and cannot be taken away by anything or anyone.
– Most of things in life are destined to ending. So, look only for the good part of each thing, because it will make you remember them with satisfaction.

My way.


We all have secrets. Even if they are only in our heads and we’ve never really done anything.

Or they may be just a memory we think we’re the only ones to keep.

Or even they may be one of those crazy moments, spent with people to whom they were completely normal.

I think the question always is: why it has to be a secret?


This is the first time in my whole life that I’m experiencing living alone and at the same time not having any special feelings for any guy.

So, it’s the first time I can really appreciate the wonders, the freedom and the peace of mind and heart  of being single and living alone.

I don’t really want to talk about it with my friends, specially my female friends, because they’d never understand me. In fact it’s not that I don’t want, I really don’t need to talk about it with them. They don’t come here, so …whatever.

But I wanted to write this today, just to be on the records. And this is my blog, I can write what I want.

I believe in love but right now I’m not searching for any in my life. I mean, romantic love. My heart is full of love for life right now. I don’t think I’ll ever want it again in my life like I did before. And it’s not bad at all. I really don’t think romantic love is the greatest happiness possible in life.

I believe nothing and nobody can bring us happiness if it’s not already there inside of us.

If this is weird or any psychological problem, I don’t want to heal. It feels plenty good enough for me.

Maybe I don’t know how to love. Because when I do, I get stupid and it takes a great piece of my thoughts and feelings. I don’t want that anymore. Not in this incarnation.

I don’t regret anything. I don’t care about the past. That’s why it’s called past.

I suddenly got aware that I’m not made to share life with anybody. Not this time. I know that for sure. And I’m not a foolish young woman saying that. I know myself very well at this point. And I feel happy for my peace of mind. It’s like my mind has moved to a bigger place, with plenty of space for myself and everything else.

It’s real freedom. Freedom can only be complete when it includes mind.

The Power of Habit

Habit is really a powerful thing. There are some things that I do exclusively by the power of habit.

The reason that motivated them and the meaning they had when I started are just not there anymore.

But every circumstance changes one day.

And old habits are only quit by circumstances, because as they had a reason to start so they need a reason to quit.