Keeping Mind Busy With Cool Stuff

That’s the secret to keep negative thoughts and feelings away.

I’ve always been more interested in music than the average people I know.

I’m always looking for new music on the internet. And as I see a lot of movies, just a piece of lyrics I hear takes me to an infinity of music I’ve never known before and I get to know it by searching and navigating through links on the web. Much of the music I hear is not the popular kind. I like to know different things.

I see this kind of thing remains unnoticed by most of people but any piece of music I hear gets my attention. I have to find out who performs, what else work they have released and everything I can find out about it. It happens a lot that after I know a band or a singer for a long time it comes to the hit parade and someone else says me: “Hey, do you know that band XXXXX?”. Of course I don’t want to sound arrogant and I just say yes if I know, but I could say “Yes, since the very beginning 🙂 “. 

Anyway, that’s one thing that really relaxes my mind like searching for new photography works, art and also fashion stuff [ they never produce something my size but it’s something that fascinates me ] .

I have a friend who is graduated in Fashion Design. She is quitting her job and is searching for a new position.

As I’m desperately needing to keep my mind away from negative/sad thoughts, I got totally involved in helping her to search for it and making a cool new resumé to apply for it. She is even applying for positions abroad, since she is fluent in English. She is surprised that I’m being so helpful but she doesn’t know how much it’s helping me.

My job is giving me plenty of technical stuff to keep my mind busy during the day. But I’m using my free time to help her these last days. I’ve been navigating through sites like 🙂 . And I’m helping her to learn how to find things on the web. It’s an infinite source of information in her area. I got to know a lot of things that are useless to my life but that are interesting.

That’s the tip: keep mind busy with cool, beautiful stuff and be helpful to others in their personal projects 🙂 .