The White Masai


I watched The White Masai this week and got very impressed by the story. I catch myself thinking about it every now and then these last days. It is a movie based on the true story of a woman who once travelled to Kenya with her boyfriend and ended up meeting a Masai warrior named Lemalian. She got enchanted by his exotic appearance and completely captivated by him instantly. Then she gave up on everything in her life and went to live with Lemalian in the Kenyan bush.

The story itself anyone can find on the web in a lot of sites and I’m not the best one to write about it.

What impressed me was the ability of the couple to go over differences and stay together until they could. They lived together for 3 years and after she left him, now she lives in Switzerland where she was born, with the daughter she had with Lemalian.

I got touched by their story. One can say: “of course it wouldn’t work”. But it did for long 3 years.

Sometimes we see someone complaining about how gave up on everything for somebody else.

I think most of us are not able to give up on everything for somebody else. We are mostly driven to individuality and own good.

The woman in the movie did gave up on every little thing in the life she had in Switzerland, without being asked for, to live what there was to with a man from a completely different world from hers. And he, on his side, having nothing to offer her, but himself and a life with him in the bush in Kenya.

I believe there are very few people like that woman in the world. She ended up coming to the limit of what she could give for him and saw he couldn’t go further then he had come for her, considering his culture and tradition. That’s why it ended. But she tried, she tried hard.

The limits of many people come much sooner than hers. Anything can become a good reason not to try. Anything can become a good reason to give up.

I recommend this movie highly!


All my life, the right things I did, not only external events were favorable to my actions, but also my intuitions were that I was in the right path.

Now, I am taking some actions that affect my career and life, but my intuitions don’t say I’m in the right path. External events are helping my actions but intuitions don’t follow them.

They tell me there’s something special I’ve been facing in a long time without knowing how to handle it. And that I should not give it up without trying, for real, at least once.

This is very confusing and anguishing since external events don’t help at all.

It’s not easy just letting life take you sometimes. There are things that we MUST take control over.

I don’t know which decision/action will come out from all this I’ve been through. I hope for the best.


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