Red Sofa Part III

My sister is staying with me until December. Then, if everything goes right for her, we’ll look for a bigger apartment.

It changed a lot of things for better.

I smoke and she doesn’t, so I don’t smoke inside the apartment anymore. Only outside at the balcony or at the window, which limits the amout of daily cigs. She hasn’t said anything about it. I just don’t feel comfortable to smoke indoors when non smokers are around. Like outdoors I don’t like smoking near children.

She doesn’t bother me at all, as we grew up together, I don’t have to worry about anything like being dressed when she is around. I’m totally comfortable with her here.

it’s a very small place though. I told her to sleep in bed and I got with the sofa, still the red one I dislike how it looks, so that I can go outside anytime or watch tv very late at night. It’s not that I’m going out to the balcony to smoke at 3 a.m. but I like to know I can 🙂 .

She wakes up very early, at 6 a.m., I can sleep more since I start working at 9 a.m. but she doesn’t disturb me since I can fall asleep even with someone jumping over me. And I can go back to sleep easily too if I still need.

And she is not gonna stay on weekends so I didn’t loose my moments of complete solitude that I can’t live without.

It’s good to have someone to talk about anything at home. Someone I trust and I love.

I use to say that I have a wasted caring instinct, since I don’t have children and have been living alone for a long time. I wake up to make coffee for her. It’s not my obligation, I just love doing this kind of thing.  I have black coffee while she has her breakfast and, as she leaves at 7, I go back to sleep another half an hour before I take a shower to start my day. It’s been nice 🙂 .