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Do You?

If you do, somehow we communicate, though we don’t reach each other

If you do, you’ll never say

If you do, you know I can never ask

If you do, then what will you do?

If you do, then what can I do?

If you do, then what?



My portuguese friend has challenged me to list 9 personal statements, being 3 of them false and the other 6 true.

Well, I don’t have enough friends who read this, but I’ll do it anyway:

1. I love country music

2. I’m not afraid of heights

3. I used to smoke pot [and inhale] when I was in college

4. I love children

5. I prefer introspective movies

6. I’m very good cooking

7. I don’t know anybody who plays Minesweeper better than me

8. I’m allergic to cats

9. I have a driver’s license


” …feel your mind sailing away again…”

“…stay awake…I’m sure you’re feeling tired…but you haven’t done that little song you sing to yourself…”

“…and you’re really not sure if tomorrow is gonna work alright…”

“… but you know you’ve been around too long…”

What Does It Mean?

If it’s a joke, you got me. I’m such an easy mark. I’ve always been.

If  it’s not, there’s gonna be a way.

Lovely As You!

I love it has real people as they are and that it is in B&W 🙂

Insomnia Post

And there I go again….producing thinking balloons….in the middle of the night.

I admit, I have that kind of Insomnia, where after a few hours of sleep, follows a period awake.

Hai Kai Of The Day

You look at me
my stomach trembles
He kisses me
I still hear the traffic sounds


Have you ever invested on one thing when what you really wanted to do was going for another thing?
Well, I tried. And I don’t know how people can handle it. I see people doing it all the time, like it could replace what you really miss.
I can invest on other things but I know what I feel can’t be replaced by any of those things.
It feels like it never will.
It’s irreplaceable.

Just a Little Sign

I am…

…on the other side of the line you don’t wanna cross …and I what I have to say you don’t wanna hear…

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