Blank Spaces

The most difficult is what would fill the blank spaces in the days I don’t post.

Posting gives some relief but I don’t allow it to be complete.

Things I don’t wanna see in a post to hit me in the face if I read it later.

Still MY real secrets.

Just Like Honey

This song is a theme from the movie I adore, Lost in Translation.



Listen to the girl
As she takes on half the world
Moving up and so alive
In her honey dripping beehive
It’s good, so good, it’s so good
So good

Walking back to you
Is the hardest thing that
I can do
That I can do for you
For you

I’ll be your plastic toy
I’ll be your plastic toy
For you

Eating up the scum
Is the hardest thing for
Me to do

Just like honey (x 17)

More on Erotism X Porn


Continuing my point on the matter Erotism X Porn, I’d like to talk about a movie a saw recently on TV, The Dreamers, an erotic drama directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.

The story begins in 1968, when Matthew (Michael Pitt), an american student in the politically turbulent Paris,  meets the cinema obsessed Isabelle (Eva Green) and her twin brother Theo (Louis Garrel).

 When Isabelle and Theo parents leave for the summer, they invite Matthew to stay with them. While the revolution rages on outside, the three young people stay in the comfortable flat playing sexual games.

It’s a very erotic and intense movie, full of frontal nudes and sex scenes. I liked it very much and recommend it.

I’ve also watched a few times the TV show Sin Cities, which is more like a journalistic sex program, and I’m okay with it. There’s nothing offensive about that in the human sense.   It’s also full of strong sex images. The people and situations that appear there are real.  

The guy who presents the show, Ashley, takes part in the most bizarre things with a childlike spontaneity. I think he is funny.

So, why do I enjoy a movie like that and I can’t enjoy porn?

For me it’s clear and simple:

I can’t enjoy anything containing intolerable dirty words and images that depreciate a woman’s body and/or dehumanizes a woman, a child or anybody. I can’t enjoy any material produced to satisfy a chauvinistic male vision of a woman. Is a rape scene funny? I can’t see how.

I can’t consider myself a feminist and don’t like to confront anybody’s opinions. I’d rather be engaged in discussion than in argument. I’m just expressing my point of view.

Erotism X Porn

There’s a very thin line between erotism and porn.

To me erotism is instigating, suggestive and allusive, and due to of all of that, very interesting.

In some of the erotic books I’ve read, like some tales of Marquis de Sade and Lolita from Nabokov, everything is very erotic and intense, and there isn’t a single dirty word. Though the narrative is rich in details. I like it that way.

But I don’t like explicit porn. It turns me off. That’s how I am.

I think porn is mostly produced for pleasing men that seem to be most of its public.

I also think knowing it helps to understand men a bit better. No one can tell what is right or wrong about other people’s  sexuality. No one can set a limit.

I’m usually very open minded to understanding and respecting other people’s opinions even when I totally disagree with them or dislike their preferences. But sometimes that’s not enough to avoid some conflicts.

That’s why I get so upset when somebody becomes judgemental with me.

I was talking to a guy I met recently, circumstances don’t matter now, and he changed the subject to hardcore porn stuff. I told him I don’t appreciate that and I was trying to explain in a friendly way that I like watching and reading erotic material but explicit porn is not what turns me on. Before I could explain myself he said I was acting hypocritically about that because either implicit or explicit stuff in the end they all refer to the same things.

That’s a shame because I was a bit into him and I think it’s okay if I prefer erotism and he prefers porn. The problem and also a really turn off for me is that he doesn’t think the same way.

I think it’s okay if he prefers women who are into explicit porn. And there’s nothing wrong with me if I’m not one of them and I must not get into it if I dislike.

Well, c’est la vie.


P.S.: This blog has never had so many hits in a day [and it’s not its pretension]. All due to the search of the tag “porn”. Interesting, huh?  😉  I’m sorry for disappointing the expectations.




1. the sexual or erotic quality or character of something.
2. the use of sexually arousing or suggestive symbolism, settings, allusions, situations, etc., in art, literature, drama, or the like.
3. the condition of being sexually aroused or excited.
4. sexual drive or tendency.

 porn [syn: pornography] 


obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, esp. those having little or no artistic merit.

I think I was semantically correct 😉 . 

French tip for beginners

I didn’t get enrolled in any French course this semester as I intended to [ good intentions, road to Hell ].

But I’m studying the material I kept from when my sister was teaching me [elle parle trés bien français].

Also I was looking on the internet for something and found this excellent material from BBC. And the best thing is that it’s totally free. It has 24 units with videos, vocabulary, grammar and activities. It’s perfect for those with  some basic knowledge and also for those with intermediate level who want to practice a little. I’m already in the 9th unit and I’m doing fine.

This way, when I finally start a French course, I intend [ here I go again ] to get on a higher level than basic.

There are some professional stuff I should be studying but I’m not motivated for that at all. I’m much more interested and totally motivated for French and Culinary 🙂 .

Here it is:

Au revoir!


Like for people abroad who get to know about Brazilian Carnival, we brazilians in most cities all over the country, only get to know about what is happening on TV or internet.

Most of people I know in São Paulo state don’t like playing Carnival. The ones who can take the days off usually travel to the beach, as we are in the Summer here, or just stay home resting.

I have to follow the american calendar because of my job and I’m going to work the 4 days. I’m already used to that.

But in my conference calls with my team in US they always mention what they saw on TV about our Carnival. None of them have ever been to Brazil and I’m sure they have an idea of a bunch of freaks dancing almost naked on the streets night and day, four days in a row 🙂  in every place here.

Yes, we have cities where it happens, but like any people from abroad, anyone who wants to do it has to travel and pay high prices for that.

There are many groups on the streets in some cities in the Northeast part of the country that have a big tall truck leading people [Trio Elétrico], with famous artists of Axé Music  performing on top. To follow a Trio Elétrico the ticket is the T-Shirt the group sells, called Abadá. The Abadá is the ticket to follow the Trio Elétrico with all people surrounded by a group of very big security guys that don’t allow any intruder.

It’s impossible to walk on the street when a Trio Elétrico is passing by. People can only watch from their windows at home :). In places like these it’s impossible to escape from Carnival. In most of the cities, like mine, it’s difficult to see or hear something of it n the streets.

Here are some pictures of what is going on:


– Naomi getting dressed for Ilê Ayê group [special afro drum beat group that only accepts black people] –


– Couple with their Abadás playing in some of the Trio Elétrico groups –


 –  Woo hoo! No comments needed 😉  –