Mystical Thoughts

I am a very spiritual person, very connected to my spiritual side.

Like everybody else, most of my daily activities are related to the material side, where objective and logical thinking predominates.

It’s mostly in the very early morning and late at night before sleeping that  my spiritual side predominates. Those are introspective moments, of deep reflection and meditation.

Those moments are very important for me and I believe they allow the communication through the interior connection we all have with God or the Superior Conscience, no matter how one who believes prefers calling this.

The thoughts I have [ I believe many others feel the same way] in my introspective spiritual moments are very different from the ones I have when I’m dealing with practical matters. They are from a different nature, very intense and they do not necessarily have words…they can be just felt, like in dreams, when we simply know things, even when they are not said.

Though I can’t explain why and how the nature of objective thinking and spiritual thinking [that’s how I call  them] is different , there were a few times in my life when, despite of being involved in practical activities and thinking, a spiritual thought came up and caught my attention to someone or something…that later would be proven to have an important role in my life, not necessarily good, but definitely special.

It’s natural after it happens, that I bring it to my objective thinking and start to relate to it in a practical way.

The last time it happened to me I guess my insights about it were wrong…until now…and it’s been a long time already.

My actions and objective communication never worked fine in this case, unfortunately, despite of the insight being very strong. Any insight is a waste of time when the one who has it doesn’t know how to bring it to practice.

Anyway, at least it showed me things I need to improve. It wasn’t useless, just didn’t happen as expected…until now…