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Drawing Therapy

When I was younger I used to draw a lot, mainly reproducing pictures with pencil.

There’s been a long time since I don’t draw anything, except by a few small ones at the side of pages when I’m writing something.

I found the dragon drawings at the Fortune Cookie link very beautiful and felt like drawing them. I also found out that I didn’t have any white paper and pencil 😦 . I only had notebooks and pens. Then, notebook and pen it is.

The one based on the link was a disaster:

And based on the same idea I did this other one:

It relaxes mind because it requires focus and patience. A real therapy for me. I’ll buy some paper and pencil to do it more. No matter how good or bad the drawings look.


And then:


Fortune Cookie II

Fortune Cookie

Muriel’s Wedding Scene

My friend told me he sent me Muriel’s Wedding on DVD. It’s not arrived yet but thanks, thanks, thanks!
I saw it years ago and I love that movie.
It’s the kind that is good having home to watch every now and then.
The funniest scene for me is this one [maybe one of the funniest scenes ever]:

Kick Off This Skin

Can’t Escape Myself by Nouvelle Vague

More here.

I Don’t Know

Pieces of I Don’t Know  of  The Black Ghosts  [ is it one of my obsessions already?  ]

that match what goes inside my head now:

Your pretty eyes they follow me
Across the room to infinity
I turn around but you’re not there
Whats the name of the game that you play everyday with me, with me

I don’t know what this is
But you better make it something
Do what you want to do then take it with you

Tell me why do I try to believe in a lie with you

Words and Rules of The Day



It Matters

I know these words are lost in the blogosphere and will not reach who I’d like to.
I know but I’m gonna leave them here anyway.
This way they don’t sound like an expectation of return:

Anything, if it relates to you, matters to me. A lot.
I’m sorry we lost contact.
The bridge is still there. Old, needing maintenance.
None of us cross it though.


Deia is the usual nickname for the names Andréa and Andréia in Brazil.

Many people call me like that spontaneously.

I just found out that Deia is a beautiful place in Spain Coast:



Found here.

Déia wants to go to Deia 🙂 .


Oh, Spring, bring flowers to my life!

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