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Solitude x Loneliness

A few days ago I watched Paper Man on a cable channel.

There was a quote in the movie, two actually.

By replacing the name with mine both would apply to me.

Both are absolutely true, but not simultaneously.

“Morton regarded his solitude as something sacred.”

“Morton regarded his solitude as something unbearable.”


The Intouchables

C’est super!

Not One Less

Can’t put in words how wonderful this movie is.

Strongly recommend.

I wonder how many other movies like this are still there for me to find out.

From A Movie

“Any idiot in the world can say “I love you”.

Your feelings only matter to you.

What does count is what you do and say to the ones you say you love.”

“People know the truth. Lie to them and you’ll lose them”

I took this from a movie…

“I know I have this tendency to project my fantasies on others but at the end I know they are just real people.
And I can love to an extent nobody can imagine.
And I know I’m lucky for being able to feel that… in a way that has nothing to do with anyone in particular.”

…but it fits me perfectly 🙂

Looking For Kitty (2004)

This 90 minute comedy-drama movie has a lot of content.  Directed by Edward Burns, where he plays a private investigator, helping a baseball coach to find his wife who ran away with a musician, this movie is about how sometimes close people actions catch us by surprise…and how difficult [and impossible?] it is to know somebody.

The baseball coach goes to New York to find his wife who abandoned him without any explanation, hoping to make it up with her and tell her how he still loves her….and mainly…to understand what she did.

During the investigation he and the detective get to know each other better and he finds out there’s no possible explanation that can fill what he needs. And understands that her actions mean she doesn’t care at all, which was what he wanted most. He understands her actions mean it’s not possible anymore and finds out what he wants for his life and that it can’t be found on any explanation or somebody else.

Sometimes in life other people actions catch us by surprise and we get very disappointed. The sooner we can forget about the facts and circumstances, the hows and whys,  to see and accept what it means, the better. The answers are always in ourselves and not in anybody else’s reasons and explanations. And a spontaneously given explanation means  a lot more than a demanded one.

Deep, Very Deep

from the soundtrack of The Good Thief, by Leonard Cohen

And quiet is the thought of you
The file on you complete
Except what we forgot to do
A thousand kisses deep

A Night On Earth

The first and only time I watched that movie was on TV.

I had a party to go and I missed the last story 😦 .

It’s a compilation of 5 stories, each one having a taxi ride as scenery.

It even has Winona Ryder in a very different character than the ones she uses to play in the movies.

I always mention it with friends hoping somebody can find it. It’s not available anywhere to rent or buy here.

It’s from 1991 [yes, I’m old 🙂 ].

Today a friend asked about it. I hope I can get it soon.

Here is the opening song, by Tom Waits:

In These Shoes?

Nice sound!  From the movie Kinkyboots.

The White Masai


I watched The White Masai this week and got very impressed by the story. I catch myself thinking about it every now and then these last days. It is a movie based on the true story of a woman who once travelled to Kenya with her boyfriend and ended up meeting a Masai warrior named Lemalian. She got enchanted by his exotic appearance and completely captivated by him instantly. Then she gave up on everything in her life and went to live with Lemalian in the Kenyan bush.

The story itself anyone can find on the web in a lot of sites and I’m not the best one to write about it.

What impressed me was the ability of the couple to go over differences and stay together until they could. They lived together for 3 years and after she left him, now she lives in Switzerland where she was born, with the daughter she had with Lemalian.

I got touched by their story. One can say: “of course it wouldn’t work”. But it did for long 3 years.

Sometimes we see someone complaining about how gave up on everything for somebody else.

I think most of us are not able to give up on everything for somebody else. We are mostly driven to individuality and own good.

The woman in the movie did gave up on every little thing in the life she had in Switzerland, without being asked for, to live what there was to with a man from a completely different world from hers. And he, on his side, having nothing to offer her, but himself and a life with him in the bush in Kenya.

I believe there are very few people like that woman in the world. She ended up coming to the limit of what she could give for him and saw he couldn’t go further then he had come for her, considering his culture and tradition. That’s why it ended. But she tried, she tried hard.

The limits of many people come much sooner than hers. Anything can become a good reason not to try. Anything can become a good reason to give up.

I recommend this movie highly!

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