None of us have any idea of how it feels being at a certain age when we are in the 20’s.

I particularly hate the way people tend to label and classify others based on age and not on attitude. So I’m at an age that I don’t tell it to anyone, except for medical and legal reasons.

I’ve never been the athletic type so I can’t tell my body is that bad, compared to what it’s never been :).

 Mentally and spiritually I feel much better than in my 20’s by far. I’m so much more aware of myself.

When I want, I really want. When I like, I really do. When I say, I really mean.

I don’t do anything I don’t feel like doing. I couldn’t care less about others opinions about me, specially the ones I don’t know very well.

And I learned that what may seem the end of the world is never the end :). I’m patient, optimistic and flexible.

And I learned to value what other people bring to my life and each person in her/his uniqueness.

And I learned how important it is not to give the last word and “win” arguments with the ones I love just to keep peace. We never know about tomorrow. I still have in memory the last time I saw some people who have already gone. I’m glad they were moments of peace. Arguments and differences don’t mean a thing when somebody is gone.

And I learned not to allow stressful things like from work to bring me down. Never ever. A job will always and only be an income source and never the main reason of my personal satisfaction. If I can work with what I like and I’m skilled for, that’s a plus, a bonus. If I can meet wonderful people at work, it is a bless 🙂 .

And here I am, don’t know for how long yet… learning, finding, recovering and trying to keep my balance.