Screaming Therapy

I’ve had so many things oppressing me these last days that I feel like screaming to relieve myself.

And I can’t think of any place better where screaming is not only allowed but totally expected than a roller coaster 🙂 . I love roller coasters. There’s a very good one in the area but the weather has not been very friendly lately.

The ideal place would be the top of a mountain but as I’m not into trekking this is far from my possibilities. I’m more into adrenaline when my safety doesn’t depend on my physical ability.

I don’t know and I don’t care how my sleep [if any] is gonna be tonight. I’ve talked and screamed many times while sleeping. Now I live alone in an apartment [poor neighbors] so I don’t have anybody to tell me about it. When I lived with family or roomies there have been uncountable episodes when it happened.

Today was specially stressful and this morning, while I was still at home and meditating, the phone rang and it was someone from work contacting me about a problem. A burocratic problem that is the kind I hate most.

I think I ended up in this profession because it is [or at least it should be] mostly dependent and related to my technical skills. Unfortunately, in the company I work for, there have been many things causing problems and that I’m being forced to accept, none of them related to my work or skills.

I feel like I can’t relax enough tonight to sleep. I can’t even focus on anything.

One of the advantages of living alone is that you don’t need to talk to anyone when you don’t feel like doing it. 

Ironically, one disadvantage is that you DON’T have someone to talk WHENEVER you need. I’d rather listen to someone else stuff than talking about mine though. Just casual talking would be very helpful tonight. Someone funny and light to talk about anything.

I’ve had dinner with a friend but that wasn’t exactly a relaxing time.

The weekend is just starting 🙂 . I’ll have plenty of time and chance to recover.