Some people use to say things in a very calculated way, not spontaneously, focusing on the effect they will get and not on expressing what they think and feel at the moment.

And I would say more. Some of these people only say something if they think they can get some advantage of that. They don’t really like or need to share their thoughts and feelings.

Those people consider everything is a game and you have to know how to play, by what to do and say, to succeed. And this is for all kinds of situation, social, professional, all kinds.

I am definitely not one of those people. Wouldn’t succeed if I tried.

What I do, and this is good for everyone I believe,  is considering if what I have to say or do will cause me or anybody else any problem or embarrassment before I actually do.  But this is not playing, this is just good sense.

I like to think I can tell when someone is always playing, saying things in a calculated way, and when someone is spontaneous and sincere.

On the other hand, what I notice is that people who use to play in everything usually consider everybody else is playing also.

They take everyone else by themselves.

I hate when it happens. When I say something I mean and with no hidden intention and someone take it as part of a game and says something like “Oh, you play smart”.

Maybe those people can cause better and strong impression than me and indeed get some advantages but I prefer to stay with truth, even if it’s considered not smart by some or considered a game by others.