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Wonderful Life


Quote of The Night


I love to doubt

as well as know.

– Dante Alighieri –



After the 137984327th time I’ve learned when not to say or do anything.

Better late than never.

About Deceptions

Deceptions happen to everyone.

I think the secret not to be so affected when they come is not losing reference of what you have for sure and what you value, because those things will never ever disappoint you.

The pursuit of what is needed or wanted is important but one should always consider what is still there or has always been there…and not only what is missing.

From I Can Read

I found it here.

If it were for me my answer would be:

I ONLY think sometimes.

There’s been quite a long while.

Thinking doesn’t mean wondering, dreaming or desiring.

I only dream when I believe.

Saturday Night Quote

“The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

Andy Warhol


Weird Dream

When I have a good dream, I wake up with a good sensation and though I know it was just a dream, I’m sure it was good.

And when I have a nightmare I wake up desperate and it soon disappears when I realize it was just a bad dream, but I’m sure it was bad.

Weird dreams are the worst kind. In good or bad dreams you simply know things and things really are, though when I wake up I get to know they were just dreams. In weird dreams things never simply are what they are, and I never know things for sure. Good and bad things happen but none connect to each other. They give me the worst sensation possible when I wake up. All I want to do is forget them and never ever talk about to get rid of that weird sensation.

I’m a dreamer. I catch myself dreaming good things during the day and I dream a lot while sleeping, which I think is healthy.

I feel like I just woke up from a weird dream I had while awake. And all I want to do is forget everything related to it to get rid of this sensation the sooner the better. If I told it to anyone they’d think “Is she crazy? That’s not possible!”

Sometimes I can remember about dreams I have years later. The weird dreams I can’t remember of any, I just know how it feels when they end. They become just a blur.

It’s nobody’s fault. I’m not angry. I know it will pass. I just need to clean my mind of anything that can remind me of that. I will. It will be just a blur in the future with nothing to remember.

From A Movie

“Any idiot in the world can say “I love you”.

Your feelings only matter to you.

What does count is what you do and say to the ones you say you love.”

“People know the truth. Lie to them and you’ll lose them”

We Should All Care


“What’s behind the things we buy?”

What are the work conditions of those who produce what we consume?

– picture of manifestation in Belgium against work conditions near to slavery –

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