Moving On


The Moon keeps her motion in space and we can see her in the sky almost every night.

Even though the circumstances are the same, she keeps moving on.

We on Earth, except for some astronomers, do not notice her every move.

Most of us only pay attention when she appears bright in the sky above us.

So are the people around us. Even though they might look the same in our perception, they are constantly changing.

Living is learning and learning is changing.

Some of those changes may catch us by surprise when they become noticeable on the outside.

But it doesn’t happen when we suddenly notice.

Though it may look like the night turning into day, it’s a slow and constant process.

Different from the Moon, we can’t count as certain that the people around us will remain there while we live, doing the same things.

And different from the Moon, that can mesmerize us when we look at the sky, realizing how someone has changed can feel sad sometimes.

Though it can be hard, we can always learn from it.

And it can look from the outside that we remain the same and others are changing but that is not true.

We are moving on when we learn how to let go on something.

So we can cherish the memories, without feeling sorry for the changes.

About Cats and People

I’ve lived with my family for about 20 years. Since then, I’ve lived in different cities, with roommates and now alone, due to work and study reasons.
In all this years my family has always had a cat as a pet. At least one, inside the house, considered part of the family.
We had always chosen a male cat to live with us.
But male cats disappear, they don’t live long with you, unless they get castrated, and we didn’t use to do it before.
Then finally we got a female. After six months she had other 5 cats, all beautiful like her.
Now all six live there with my family. We call them “our cats” and each one has a name and a personality.
I don’t live there anymore but I consider them “my cats” too.
And all return home after a walk, and use our bodies as sofas [ I become a cat sofa also when I go there to visit], which we love.

The house is very simple but they have a big backyard with trees and sometimes other cats come to live there, in the backyard.
My mother feeds them but she doesn’t call them “our cats”.
When asked she says: “Oh, no, this is not mine, he just lives in the backyard”.
I think other people don’t understand it very well but we do.
One of those backyard cats eventually comes to visit the house. First they spy carefully from an open door.
Sometimes they decide to enter and even rub our legs or feet.
Well, try to touch them. They’ll run away like a rocket.
So, after a few tries, we learn that they may decide to approach more every now and then but we are never ever allowed to do the same. That’s their nature. And we learn to deal with each one.
The ones that want to become our cats and the ones who seem to say: “Hey, I don’t wanna be your cat! I’m just rubbing your legs”.
This is a truth about cats but also a good metaphor for some people.
They’re all just following their nature. And communicating the way they can.

Make a Wish

This morning I woke up feeling like going out for lunch, missing old friends that live far away, needing some time around familiar friendly faces.

The perspectives though pointed to another common Saturday of solitary activities.

Then right before lunch, totally unexpected, one of my cousins who lives in my home town called me: “Hey, we are in your town.We came for a graduation ceremony. We’d like to visit you and take you out for lunch.”  Then I gave her instructions of how to get to my place.

My favorite uncle and wife and 2 cousins and another loved aunt    [she is very young so I don’t tell it to anybody or people may think I’m her aunt] came here in my place [small space, huge heart].

We had a wonderful time.

Wish granted!

And At The End of The Day….

She was at the stairs, waiting for the bus, that would probably arrive even later, like most Fridays.

He came out of the door looking at the rain.

He comments: “I don’t know how I can get to my car now”.

She replies: “I can lend you my umbrella to go there. The bus is gonna take longer to arrive today. When you make the return I’ll take it back from you.”

He accepts.

When he comes back and opens the window to give the umbrella back he asks: “Where are you going to?”

She explains.

He: “Oh, I can give you a ride. It’s on my way.”

She: “Ok!”.

He: “My name is XXXX.”

She: “My name is XXXXXXX. Nice to meet you XXXX.”

He works there for almost ten years but she doesn’t remember him.

And they came talking all the way. Both easy going.

She discretly observing his hands. He has nice hands and she pays attention to men hands.

He is divorced and has an 8 year old son. Later tonight he is gonna pick him up to spend the weekend.

They get at her place. She thanks and gets off the car. And thinks how this world is full of people yet to know 🙂 .