A Matter Of Time

Months ago somebody sent this to Postsecret site. I kept it because postsecret changes content every week and I agree with that postcard very much.

For a few years I was in an island of peace inside hell. Because I had a manager that is not only a great leader but also a great person. And I performed extra tasks that not only helped me and other people but also protected me of dealing with…let’s say …people with questionable values and behavior.

Now I have a stupid manager, who proved to be a liar and who had a disgusting attitude on a matter related to me.

It’s just a matter of time that it will be a turned page in my life. I learned to turn pages. That means having nothing else to discuss about it in the future.

Well, it IS NOTHING. I know. My life is better than that and means a lot more. I’m glad I know that and that is what’s helping me to deal with what is still left to face there.

I’ll be over it soon.


“Communication is a two-way street”, someone said.
To communicate both need to want to be there, want to listen and understand, want to say and be understood.
It’s easy to communicate when what we want to say is not blocked or hidden.
Sometimes someone admits to have things blocked and can’t communicate.
Sometimes it can be noticed by unfinished phrases or a little discomfort.
When it happens to me I know it can be worse to force anything. It has to come naturally.
Many transfer those blocked things unsaid to actions. It’s easier and sometimes they are not even aware they do it.
All I can say is that I’m there to listen, just in case.
It can be helpful just saying there is something blocked I guess. And I hope.

Professional Relationships

I got my first job when I was 18. Since then, I only stopped for 4 years, when I was at the university, even though I got temporary jobs on my vacation to make some money.

In all these years, I had from the most stupid leaders to the ones I admired greatly, both professionally and as a leader.

I think I know how to deal well with all kinds of leaders. Of course it’s better with the ones I admire, because I feel very pleased and stimulated in collaborating with someone like that.

Anyway, I need to work, so I will never stop collaborating because the leader isn’t someone I like. I’ll do it one way or another. I play my part.

In all the places I’ve worked there were many social events. This one isn’t different. And I managed to find people with whom I could become a friend [very few indeed, and I’m always very careful about it].

Yesterday I had one of those social events. The birthday of my friend’s husband, who happens to have a leadership position there also. She is a very close friend. And my manager is a very close friend of her husband and would be there. She wanted me to go and insisted. So I had to go.

But though she is my friend, she understands that I keep personal matters away from the conversations that come up in those occasions. I talk about the most different subjects but when something professional comes up [inevitable when there are leaders in the group], I just listen silently. I never feel comfortable to share my opinions.

And I had a really nice time talking to other people who were invited also. In fact, there was a point where the table was clearly divided in two. I was glad I was not in the leadership group. It would be very uncomfortable as I’m not a leader, having to remain silently, with what I call “landscape face” expression.

On the Saturday morning I called a friend from my home town. We knew each other at work once and remain friends. I was glad I could share my thoughts of the event with someone outside from work. She feels the same about it.

If I have something to report to a leader, I always do it in the office, in a very professional way.

I step very gingerly on this path. Caution is never too much with these matters.