Do we really have the need to share what is going on in our lives?

I guess the answer is yes, but not necessarily with our circle of friends or relatives.

Sometimes, especially in difficult times, it’s easier having random conversations with strangers than with friends we’ve known for years or relatives.

My father died, in very revolting circumstances. The only people I can talk about it, who really share the same feelings, are my sisters and my mom. Nobody else that I know. But I have occasionally shared it with strangers.

Last night I took a bus to the city I live in and from which I have been temporarily away.  I had to move to another seat, since the one beside me was occupied by a young mother with a toddler. I ended up seating beside an elderly lady, whose grandson died two years ago in a horrible car accident. We shared our pain, our memories. I had known about the accident that killed five students from the same university at the time. It caused great commotion in our city.  That was an absolute synchronicity.

I know it is natural of friends and relatives to ask about. But I am not willing to share with them. At all.



Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut…

Cutting scissorsCut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut…

Cutting in all directions any strings with anything that leads me

to judgement, bad feelings and emotions.

Cutting strings with anything that does not belong to me

and drives me away from my pure self, my real identity.

Cutting strings with anything that is not pure Love and Divine Inspiration.

It is not my responsibility improving or changing other people.

I am 100% responsible for anything that I feel, experience and perceive.

That is all I can change and improve.

That is what I should care about.

Always. Only.