All my life, the right things I did, not only external events were favorable to my actions, but also my intuitions were that I was in the right path.

Now, I am taking some actions that affect my career and life, but my intuitions don’t say I’m in the right path. External events are helping my actions but intuitions don’t follow them.

They tell me there’s something special I’ve been facing in a long time without knowing how to handle it. And that I should not give it up without trying, for real, at least once.

This is very confusing and anguishing since external events don’t help at all.

It’s not easy just letting life take you sometimes. There are things that we MUST take control over.

I don’t know which decision/action will come out from all this I’ve been through. I hope for the best.


Interesting links about intuition that I found here:

Temptation vs Opportunity Part II

Today I had to give up the plans I had for tonight when I woke up this morning.

I did so many things all day long, walking for a long time in this hot sunny afternoon we had here. As I’m not totally recovered from the flu yet I feel like I can’t go anywhere else today and feel good 😦 . That’s a shame…I wanted so much to go.

Anyway, I don’t know for sure who is going to be there [ yeah, where I’m not going anymore 😦  ] …but I keep wondering…as I’m gonna miss it … does it count as one less temptation or one less opportunity?

I think it counts better as one less temptation, since opportunity is a chance that you’ve got to accept or decline before it’s gone. And temptation is something that intensifies and makes you see everything as a sign and ignore restrictions. It’s impossible to decline temptation…you’d better run away :).

Temptation vs. Opportunity

There’s a proverb that says :

“Opportunity knocks at the door once in a lifetime. But Temptation leans on the doorbell.”
or kind of…I’m not sure.

I’m also not sure if I can distinguish very well between the two.
It’s very difficult when I want something very much knowing if it’s a real opportunity or just my will tempting me. And the most important: what difference knowing it will make if I try?

By now, this other proverb fits me:


Have you ever felt like you’re taking the direction that reason indicates you but deep inside you would like to take a totally different one? Or when reason tells you to move away from something you don’t wanna leave?

That’s how I feel.

It happens when somebody comes and says: “Great, I’m glad for you!” and I answer that “Thanks” that can’t convince anyone and think “I wish I could feel glad about it too”.

There are things that can’t wait for a sign or a reason to be made. It will never come. You gotta be bold enough to try it.

Who’s ever sure of anything?