Weird Dream

When I have a good dream, I wake up with a good sensation and though I know it was just a dream, I’m sure it was good.

And when I have a nightmare I wake up desperate and it soon disappears when I realize it was just a bad dream, but I’m sure it was bad.

Weird dreams are the worst kind. In good or bad dreams you simply know things and things really are, though when I wake up I get to know they were just dreams. In weird dreams things never simply are what they are, and I never know things for sure. Good and bad things happen but none connect to each other. They give me the worst sensation possible when I wake up. All I want to do is forget them and never ever talk about to get rid of that weird sensation.

I’m a dreamer. I catch myself dreaming good things during the day and I dream a lot while sleeping, which I think is healthy.

I feel like I just woke up from a weird dream I had while awake. And all I want to do is forget everything related to it to get rid of this sensation the sooner the better. If I told it to anyone they’d think “Is she crazy? That’s not possible!”

Sometimes I can remember about dreams I have years later. The weird dreams I can’t remember of any, I just know how it feels when they end. They become just a blur.

It’s nobody’s fault. I’m not angry. I know it will pass. I just need to clean my mind of anything that can remind me of that. I will. It will be just a blur in the future with nothing to remember.