Election Day

Today is the election day in Brazil.
I couldn’t vote because I’m registered to vote in my hometown, so I had to present a justification for that.
I wouldn’t know who to vote for anyway.
We have many problems but the worst is not the government.
The worst problems we have, like corruption, have strong roots in our culture, due to the lack of consciousness of our people.
Unfortunately most people here wait for the government to give them what they need and, of course, they don’t get it. Those are people who are not aware of their rights and are not able to improve their lives by themselves. They are not able to focus on what they can make and create to improve things around. They only expect to be given what they need.
It’s a ridiculous country, with a powerful elite used to ‘defend’ their interests through corruption.
Those are problems no government can really solve, unless people change their minds.
That’s what I think.


I’ve just purchased an apartment. I’m very happy and also very stressed about taxes to pay and things to pack.

The already small apartment I live is now filled with empty boxes waiting for things to be packed.

I decided to start with the papers and documents, so I can get rid of what isn’t necessary anymore, to start a more organized or at least less chaotic life in the new apartment.

While getting rid of old stuff I realize most things I worry won’t be important in five years or even less.
Very few things matter after a time. And some will always matter to me.