I believe that most of my close friends would not consider me a friend if I were not a very discreet person.

I never ask questions motivated only by curiosity, even when I’m curious. I never make comments on something I notice to be going on unless it can help, and when I do it’s in a very reserved way.

Unfortunately at work and in social occasions I sometimes have to deal with people who make embarrassing comments. I usually answer it with another question like “Why do you want to know?” or “Why did you say that?”, which sometimes is not enough.

I have a co-worker who I also meet in social occasions with other co-workers. She is funny, nice and helpful but she has this gossip side that I hate. I know about it and I avoid discussing any personal matter with her and try to change subject if she mentions somebody else’s life.

A few days ago she put me in a horrible situation making a comment out loud, which she started with: “I found out your secret”, which caught everybody around attention. I haven’t said anything about it with her because I think it can get even worse. I tried to keep a blasé attitude about it.

I didn’t deny or confirm anything. I don’t have to.

At these times I totally understand those people who don’t talk to anybody. They must have met someone like her in their lives.