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To Start The Week…

Yael Naim – New Soul



Life – Feeling of The Day

A really cool thing about life is that, sometimes, someone you would never expect rises a sun above your head and makes you feel great!

Hai kai



      It doesn’t CHANGE…..                          I

                … no matter if I’m feeling        H

                                                                  or           D




                                                                              I remember you… 

Coy Fish Pictures

I’ve had many accesses to my blog lately through the search terms “coy fish”.

Once I published a post that had a picture of a coy fish tatoo.

Coy Fish is a chinese symbol of longevity. Japanese word for it is Koi.

“According to Japanese legend if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. ”

Found it here.

Well, if you like it, here goes a few more pictures:

coyfish2.jpg       coyfish3.jpg     coyfish5.jpg  

A Bit of Tango

It stirs my blood! Enjoy.


I’ve just navigated through a site about Macrobiotics and it took me to a link saying: How to avoid temptations during Easter.

The Macrobiotics site was okay but the link had a statement of a woman who is on a diet about how she is not going to eat any chocolate, which she loves, this Easter,  to “recover her self-esteem”.

Okay, it’s her decision but I think people who think like that woman have never known what self-esteem means.

I’m overweighted [all my life] and I am on a serious diet for many reasons. I’ve replaced and included many items on my diet, that are lighter and healthier. But I’ve bought myself an Easter Egg and intend to eat it all on Sunday. That’s not gonna change anything. And, according to the calendar, the next holiday involving fat food in Brazil is Christmas. I’m trying not to do anything hardcore so I can gradually adopt a standard I can follow like forever.

And I believe wanting to look better and being healthier is a consequence of self-esteem, not the condition for it.

Otherwise, according to these people definition of self-esteem, short, handicapped, old people could not have it. Worse, they would have a reason not to have it. That’s ridiculous.

It’s my great self-esteem that keeps my head on and doesn’t allow anybody to put me down. And the reason for the respect I have for all other human beings, including those people and their ridiculous opinions 🙂 . I respect them despite of finding their opinions ridiculous. And I’m just expressing mine here.


1. a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.
2. an inordinately or exaggeratedly favorable impression of oneself.

Majong Life

I love playing Majong. And situations in life are very similar.

All new situations start with a lot of possibilities for moving and they go narrowing depending on the moves you make. Some end up Well Done! and others just get to No Moves Left : ( .

The difference is you can always RESTART the game  🙂  .


I went ….

here….and it took me to this song :).

Forever Thursday – How Can It Be

I say, and so say I

my morning thought

it knew itself just fine

until across the room

it caught its first glimpse of my afternoon

how can it be

that these things live in me?

I say, and so say I

my morning’s day seems nothing like its night

my night so self assured

was all at sea when faced with dawns strange world

how can it be

that these things live in me?

Thought Of The Day

“Attachment imprisons. Detachment is mandatory to be free.”


This morning I meditated with this internal mantra for a loooonnggg time:

” Inspire Love [in the broadest universal sense], Light, Health and Prosperity

   Expire Fears, Sadness, Ilness. “

 I’m light as a plume.

 Yesterday I meditated also but without any mantra. I had some stress right after due to job related problems that I don’t wanna mention not to interfere in the way I’m feeling now.

 If I can’t go to the office, I’ll take the most advantage I can of my egg case :).

 I’ll have to go the next three days to the office or I may loose my place there. It’s okay, three days I can handle easily.  

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