A Few Taoist Thoughts

“Life itself does not endure. How can prosperity be counted on?”

“Adversity like prosperity don’t last; where are the strong and weak of old; flowers cover the fields of ancient battles.”

“A moment’s glory is nothing more than a dream in springtime. If we can’t understand this we’ll be shackled by ambition. Don’t let success lead to complacency, for that will lead to grief later, and perhaps sooner than you think. So don’t let yourself be dragged down by desire.’ The pang of disappointment come in times of fulfillment.”

“It’s a hardship, but we’ll get through it; In the midst of hardship, a taste of delight is often found.”

“When you understand the meaning, you can forget about the words.
Where can I find a man who forgets about words in order that I may talk with him?”