Sleeping – by Raymond Carver

He slept on his hands.
On a rock.
On his feet.
On someone else’s feet.
He slept on buses, trains, in airplanes.
Slept on duty.
Slept beside the road.
Slept on a sack of apples.
He slept in a pay toilet.
In a hayloft.
In the Super Dome.
Slept in a Jaguar, and in the back of a pickup.
Slept in theaters.
In jail.
On boats.
He slept in line shacks and, once, in a castle.
Slept in the rain.
In blistering sun he slept.
On horseback.
He slept in chairs, churches, in fancy hotels.
He slept under strange roofs all his life.
Now he sleeps under the earth.
Sleeps on and on.
Like an old king.


A Diamond Poem


rare, unique

shines, glows, thrills

light, preciousness, uniqueness, rareness

finds, loses, keeps

Thoughtful, careful


The Swami And The Bengalese Snake

This tale may not be new but for me it is and has a taught:

On a path that went by a village in Bengal there lived a cobra who used to bite people on their way to worship at the temple there. As the incidents increased, everyone became fearful, and many refused to go to the temple. The Swami who was the master at the temple was aware of the problem and took it upon himself to put an end to it. Taking himself to where the snake dwelt, he used a mantra to call the snake to him and bring it into submission.

The Swami then said to the snake that it was wrong to bite the people who walked along the path to worship and made him promise sincerely that he would never do it again. Soon it happened that the snake was seen by a passer-by upon the path, and it made no move to bite. Then it became known that the snake had somehow been made passive, and people grew unafraid. It was not long before the village boys were dragging the poor snake along behind them as they ran laughing here and there. When the temple Swami passed that way again he called the snake to see if he had kept his promise–

The snake humbly and miserably approached the Swami, who exclaimed, ‘You are bleeding! Tell me how this has come to be.’ The snake was near tears and blurted out that he had been abused ever since he made his promise to the Swami. ‘I told you not to bite,’ said the Swami, ‘but I did not tell you not to hiss!

Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut…

Cutting scissorsCut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut…

Cutting in all directions any strings with anything that leads me

to judgement, bad feelings and emotions.

Cutting strings with anything that does not belong to me

and drives me away from my pure self, my real identity.

Cutting strings with anything that is not pure Love and Divine Inspiration.

It is not my responsibility improving or changing other people.

I am 100% responsible for anything that I feel, experience and perceive.

That is all I can change and improve.

That is what I should care about.

Always. Only.

Aspie Quiz

I have taken the test above because of my strong suspicions on the subject.

My result was 149 of 200 in an Asperger spectrum.

I am probably an aspie. So what?

The more I know about myself the better.

That would explain a lot about my life.

Moving On


The Moon keeps her motion in space and we can see her in the sky almost every night.

Even though the circumstances are the same, she keeps moving on.

We on Earth, except for some astronomers, do not notice her every move.

Most of us only pay attention when she appears bright in the sky above us.

So are the people around us. Even though they might look the same in our perception, they are constantly changing.

Living is learning and learning is changing.

Some of those changes may catch us by surprise when they become noticeable on the outside.

But it doesn’t happen when we suddenly notice.

Though it may look like the night turning into day, it’s a slow and constant process.

Different from the Moon, we can’t count as certain that the people around us will remain there while we live, doing the same things.

And different from the Moon, that can mesmerize us when we look at the sky, realizing how someone has changed can feel sad sometimes.

Though it can be hard, we can always learn from it.

And it can look from the outside that we remain the same and others are changing but that is not true.

We are moving on when we learn how to let go on something.

So we can cherish the memories, without feeling sorry for the changes.

Solitude x Loneliness

A few days ago I watched Paper Man on a cable channel.

There was a quote in the movie, two actually.

By replacing the name with mine both would apply to me.

Both are absolutely true, but not simultaneously.

“Morton regarded his solitude as something sacred.”

“Morton regarded his solitude as something unbearable.”

I try……

I try…


“Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.” ~ Buddha



“I feel liberated. I am, now and forever, post-love, and as such, am free to pursue a life of meaning”

Counting Stars

I feel something so right doing the wrong thing

I feel something so wrong doing the right thing

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Everything that downs me makes me wanna fly

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