Thoughts and Emotions

Is it our thoughts that control our emotions or our emotions that control our thoughts?

I think the answer is : if we don’t have control over our thoughts and their power, then our emotions can take control over ourselves.

It’s not an easy thing though.

We usually allow positive emotions and thoughts be dependent on external factors. And negative emotions can come even without external factors.

Good emotions that depend only on external factors don’t last. And negative emotions can produce bad thoughts and even worse emotions. I’m pretty sure not only external factors cause diseases but negative emotions are an open door for them too.

Why is it so difficult to make a positive emotion last and so difficult to get rid of the negative ones?

The key is learning how to reject every negative emotions when they come.  We’re humans, they come.

Rejecting negative emotions  bring good thoughts and positive emotions that are not dependent on external factors and can last much longer.

It improves with practice and the benefit comes to ourselves and the ones who we share life with. It develops tolerance and increases our capacity to deal with difficulties in a more positive way.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts and Emotions

  1. leafless says:

    If we could realize how unpleasant are the negative emotions, we’ll be able to get rid of them easily. But we are sometimes addicted to the negative emotions and are unable to let them go.

  2. Fatma AL Essa says:

    am not in agood mood today at all some of the Negtive thoughts took part in my bad mood today .
    reading the above made it sound soo easy to delete bad thoughts at the end its just a thought and it can be changed i am a little bit better it sort took 30% of the power that i gave the thought and that 30% came to me ❤ ❤ very nice topic to post thank you ❤

    • mimulus says:

      Hi, Fatma! Thanks for visiting. Hope you’re feeling better today. It’s not an easy thing to learn control on our thoughts and feelings, but once you do, you’re never dependent on external factors to feel good and strong.

      • Fatma AL Essa says:

        true do true i cooked today cup cake with chocolate frosting it sure made me feel better for now but sure i will work on letting go and feeling better

  3. mimulus says:

    Hmmm, yummy! I’ve been without chocolate since December,but I bought myself an Easter egg. Then I’ll go back to my new nutrition. I love chocolate and it truly comfort those who love it, doesn’t it? But it now became an exception, only for special occasions in my life 🙂 . Enjoy your cup cake! Must be delicious! You’re kind of baking your emotions 🙂

  4. Fatma AL Essa says:

    wow since december well done 🙂 Am not allowed to have dairy products in my food but chocolate is always treated as VIP member of dairy products to me 😉 I just love chocolate .
    I would consider an Easter egg is a treat as thank you from yourself to your body since December it has been almost 4 months since no chocolate was consumed  .
    Any ways good luck I will follow ur blog love ur posts

  5. bldherenow says:

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