Ideas and Wishes

I’ve been living in this apartment for exact 30 months today.

The contract is automatically renewed and if I want to move I only have to give a 30 day notice, without any extra payment.

This is good because I’m full of ideas and wishes and I feel more free to go anywhere else.

I’m in a short 10 day vacation and that’s the time I have to get informed about the things I want.

I’ll spend a few days with my family but I’m taking most for myself. The heat is unbearable here and is quite a relief not having to work or go anywhere.In fact I have a few things to do on the street but I’m postponing them the most due to the heat.

I’ve learned not to have plans, because life can hit us in the face without any warning at any time.

But it’s good to have wishes and ideas. It moves your thoughts and actions toward what you can get. I truly believe in it.

At this point in my life I know myself better and learned how important it is to keep strong bonds with people that matter and who care. No one can live isolated. And I learned not to care about what would have disappointed me a while ago. And I know that keeping focus on my ideas and wishes can take me where I want, no matter how possibilities look like at the time.

Our minds are infinite source of creation if we keep the right thoughts. Transform your inner self and everything around will follow that change.


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