Adjusting The Lens

Life has a lot in common with photography.

There are times when you need to light up some areas and darken others.

And there are times when you need to set your focus to infinity to get the whole image.

And other times even though you can see clear, things end up with a little distortion.

To get the best of what you want, you’ve gotta focus on that.

But when you’re not getting what you want, just change your focus to another object and find something nice.

All I needed was changing my focus for a while to set my mind free. I got it.

In time: Eventually someone ends up with red eyes…


4 thoughts on “Adjusting The Lens

  1. Piraboy says:

    Enjoy your pictures then!
    And without red eyes…


  2. Piraboy says:

    Hey Mimulus,

    “Black hattitude” speaks French!
    Isn’t that a great opportunity for you to practice?
    BTW, your blog is more accessed than you think, my dear friend…

    KissesAndContinueSleepingOnTheSofa 🙂

    • mimulus says:

      Hey, my dear friend! I think that Black hattitude was a spam :(. It fell on spam. Anyway, I think effectively only 3 people at most access it, that includes you. I really don’t care about stats. I only found interesting people here with interesting blogs like the ones that are on my I read columns. A painter, a web designer, an economist that writes short stories and now a writer. And you who I’m blessed to know in person. The other accesses are still very strange and are one of the “I’LL NEVER KNOW” things.
      But my guess is that will quit very soon and the hits will fall drastically…;)

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