A Man Is A Man Everywhere…

….no matter if he is married to Carla Bruni or somebody else. It’s in the first page of every news site in Brazil this morning. But none of them mention anything about what kind of work this girl does in her community in Rio, which is the reason she was invited to be there with President Lula. And they show it like Obama and Sarkozy were the only man on earth to do this. It’s a natural and meaningless thing and every man does.

And I don’t see anything wrong with the girl’s attitude in the pictures. Maybe, a strapless dress is not very appropriate for the occasion. But she is 16 and comes from a community with very little resources. And she was there to show the work she and other teenagers develop in the comunity. Unfortunately, no details of that work were provided. It’s not a profitable new.


2 thoughts on “A Man Is A Man Everywhere…

  1. leafless says:

    Call me suspicious but I think this is more innocent than it appears

    • mimulus says:

      I think nobody can tell for sure only by the photo. And I like Obama, so that’s not my point here 🙂 .
      I just didn’t like the way they put it on the news here, depreciating the social activity the girl does here.

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