Dimensions and Perspectives

Many times someone else’s behavior and attitude produce a negative effect in me.

But I learned that I have to deal with my reactions and not with the person in case because, at many times, if I would bring the subject the other side could be surprised or embarrassed.

It’s difficult to the others to have the dimension of how their attitudes affect us. And most of times they don’t do that intentionally. If asked, they might not even know the answer. Good people can cause negative effects on others too.

When it’s a simple matter, it’s easy to bring it to the conversation, in a diplomatic way. Complex matters are not good for that.

What I know is, the only answers I can have are my own.

And whenever I get them, I get another perspective, and the same behavior can’t affect me the same way it did before.

And someone once said that we learn much more from the search of answers than from the answers themselves.

I agree.


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