Come To The Light, Déia

I don’t know about other countries but it’s not easy being a single woman living alone here in Brazil. Specially when the house needs some maintenance, it’s really difficult to find a professional that will charge an acceptable price, even for small services.

I’m not an adept of  home repair and, in those occasions, I need a male friend to deal with the professionals or do the repair himself.

Fortunately, I have great friends 🙂 .

I’ve had a lot of electrical problems in the apartment, from lamp sockets to the shower temperature.

My kitchen was in the dark for weeks and I couldn’t have a hot shower in these miserably cold days we’re having here.

Last saturday, with the great help of my friend, I finally got an electrician for an acceptable price and there’s light at every room of the apartment and…a hot [really hot] shower :).

Thanks my dear friend!


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  1. Your friends Said:

    We’re glad we could help you! 🙂

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