Some people wear wigs to cover their hair [or the lack of it]  for many different reasons. The main reason I think is to look better and this way feel better.

Sometimes people wear wigs to undercover their reality or part of it, emotional wigs.

I think we all have things we can’t deal well so we choose not to expose it until they get resolved. Keeping secrets is not the same of wearing a wig. Wearing a wig is turning the back on yourself and choose not to deal with your own truth and not accept your reality and your “baldness” on some areas.

In the case of the hair, I think the ones who choose to wear a wig can feel better about their look.

But wearing an emotional wig can really make someone feel better?


One thought on “Wigs

  1. leafless says:

    People still wearing wigs? I thought they are extinct.

    Sometimes the best way to look good or feel good is to stay true to oneself. Live happy!

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