From Afar

The Universe always conspires in my favor. Even in small things.

It’s this or the fact I do believe in it that  makes things better.

I’ve been away from the office for 45 days now. I only don’t quit this job because there’s a huge difference between the money I’ll get if I do and if they do it for me. Anyway, fortunately I still like what I do, despite of the policy of the company and people who make an extra effort [and succeed] to create a bad environment. So I can handle it for how long it takes the way it is. But I already have my plans for when it happens.

And this time away has really helped me to put myself together. I feel different now. Those things can’t affect me anymore the way they were doing.

First the guy I had to go to the office  to talk with everyday [my mentor] got on vacation. So I took this chance to work from home while he was away. Then the HR department told me I had to take 10 days off and had no option. So I did. Today is the last day off. And I feel great. There are so many things to care about outside the office, so many things to appreciate but sometimes I seem to forget it.

When I have a problem without an immediate solution I think it over, think about my possibilities and that’s it. I’m patient enough to wait things to get in their way. So I tend to avoid bringing up the subject and also get away from people who might bring up something related to that in a conversation. With people that are close to me it’s not necessary. I just have to say the subject is closed for discussion. Other ones I just get away from for a while. Fortunately I know many other people not related to my problems at all. And I’ve been with them this time. It took my focus to other things more important. Now I can go back to the same situation with a different perspective.

If things can’t change I can always feel different about them. And better.


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