Life and the internet

I was in college and had extra research activities with a professor in the very beginning of internet in Brazil.

It was interesting and there was very few sites available. Most static pages.

Since then it developed astonishingly like everyone can see and it is very helpful for me.

I pay my bills, I can search about anything I want to know and it’s an infinite source of new music [even if just new for me] and art.

That’s where it ends for me. I stay connected on MSN during the work days but I talk to very few people indeed. And mostly to set a time to talk on the phone or meet personally. I have no patience at all to type conversations for much long. It sucks.

I think it’s because I know very well how life was before the internet. Which unfortunately doesn’t happen to the children and teenagers nowadays.

It’s very sad and they can’t know how because they’ve never known about how it was before it.

I remember during my childhood I couldn’t wait for Summer vacations when I spent all the weekends at the beach. I loved it.

Now I know about many kids who don’t care at all about the place they’ll stay, they only care if they will be able to play virtual games. That’s very sad.  I think nobody can have a different opinion about it.

These kids don’t know how to write, even a simple note. They think about books as boring mandatory tasks from school.Most of them at least, there are exceptions of course.

This weekend an old friend I worked with many years ago called me. We had lost contact and he found a common friend and she gave him my number. He is living and working near my area. When I mentioned e-mail he said he checks his very rarely. And he is an engineer. He is one of the most interesting people I ever met. In fact, the most interesting people I know I have very rare contact with them on the internet. They are never online, for social interactions at least, and rarely check their e-mails.

I use it for transactions in my bank account, the news and music at most. And I have these virtual notes called blog. I also find many interesting texts and images on many sites around the world and it distracts me a bit. But those are all non-interactive activities. I’m not cyber social at all. And I want to remain like this. And I hope the world doesn’t turn into a bunch of cyber individuals who can’t interact personally in the future.


2 thoughts on “Life and the internet

  1. leafless says:

    I agree. There’s more to life than just the virtual world known as cyberspace. Go out & explore, feel the fresh air, and meet new people. One will find much more enjoyment that way.

  2. mimulus says:

    Sure. I’m sure you explore at the best by the beautiful pictures you post on your blog. And also the poetry.
    You’re listed among the interesting sites to visit 🙂

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