Do not complain list

For a week, starting now, I will not complain of anything. Instead, I’ll list the things I would normally complain about but didn’t.

Okay, I’m listing them but I will now say it out loud or talk about with anyone.

I started half an hour ago and it already has 2 items :). Let’s see how it goes and how it feels.  And how long will be the list.

There it goes so far:

1 . problem with the entrance key of the building;

2. mandatory bureaucratic task at work;

3. new cafeteria policy at work;  [ and they keep coming 🙂 ]

4. people who need to kick dead dogs…. hmmmmmm; [a metaphore, couldn’t find a better way to describe this one without giving details]

5. situations where you MUST make up an excuse not to go…I’m not good with excuses.


7 thoughts on “Do not complain list

  1. Piraboy says:

    With the number 2 in your list you should already be accustomed to. Now, #3 is kind new for me. What policy you are talking about? Aren’t you allowed to drink coffe anymore? 🙂

    • mimulus says:

      Cafeteria is where we have lunch. I can’t say more here.
      But I’m only listing things I’d normally complain with friends and I’m not doing it at all.
      Come visit me and I’ll tell you more details 🙂 .

  2. Piraboy says:

    Good catch!
    Cafeteria is not the place where you have coffee… Hahahahaha
    That one should be… what? coffee-house? Or something like that?
    I’ll look for that later in a dictionary.

    CU 🙂

    • mimulus says:

      That’s okay. We’re brazilians. The first time I heard cafeteria I thought it was related to coffee too, being a coffee addicted :).

  3. me! says:

    Try to keep to it!!!

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