City Noises

I practice meditation and I know  I’m concentrated when I stop listening to the constant city noises I have around me.

Then I create silence inside me.

At any other time, not only I have a noisy mind but also live in a noisy place, day or night.

A few days ago a couple of friends invited me for dinner on a Saturday night and it was the first time I visited their apartment, though we have gone out many times and been friends since college.

They live in an absolutely silent apartment despite of being on a noisy neighborhood.  It’s in the back of the building and inside we can hear absolutely nothing from the streets around.

I wouldn’t like to live in a place so silent.I guess I couldn’t even sleep with so much silence, because it’s an empty silence.

I like city noises, all mixed, cars, people, sirens, bats flying around the tree in front of my building in the middle of the night, the wedding songs coming from the church right beside the building.

I love that. It reminds me life is in constant movement.

If it weren’t by the city noises I guess I wouldn’t be able to appreciate so much the silence of the Moon, night after night, appearing in different shapes and sizes from our point of view, witnessing what happens down here for such a long time. And the silence of the sea [whenever I have opportunity], with its constant sound, the silence of  all the life it hides down under. The wonderful silence of mystery that says so much.


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