This came out on postsecret this week. I found it very sad.

“Loneliness is the curse of this century”. I don’t know who said that at first but it’s repeated everywhere all the time.

Not just a temporary physical loneliness of the ones who live alone like me. The loneliness of the soul.

The loneliness of not having anyone to talk to. The loneliness of never having someone that asks your help or advice or just that you listen to them.

This kind of loneliness I have never experienced so far. And hope I never will.

Though I live alone and spend much time alone, my soul never walks alone.

I treat the ones I love and who care about me like gold.

I always remind them that this door here may not offer much but is always open.

Some time ago I posted about the mother of a friend who died alone at home and he got devastated about it.

Thinking better about it now, she might have been alone at the moment she died, but she was close to her family and they had visited her the day before. That’s the most important.

I see some people that live with their families but haven’t learned how to share. Really share. They close the door even when they are surrounded by people.

I know this is not enough to avoid that most terrible kind of loneliness, the loneliness of the soul. People die, life changes. But I think it must be much worse if it comes because the door is closed.

I can bear many things in life but I would die if I lost all my loved ones.

That’s why I never say something hurtful to the ones I love. Even when they do it to me. I couldn’t forgive myself if I lost somebody who I’ve closed the door to or said something hurtful to.


2 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. hilljimmy says:

    As for me, to be alone and lonely are rather different things. As one poet said “It’s ok if you’re the one and not the zero”.

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