Looking For Kitty (2004)

This 90 minute comedy-drama movie has a lot of content.  Directed by Edward Burns, where he plays a private investigator, helping a baseball coach to find his wife who ran away with a musician, this movie is about how sometimes close people actions catch us by surprise…and how difficult [and impossible?] it is to know somebody.

The baseball coach goes to New York to find his wife who abandoned him without any explanation, hoping to make it up with her and tell her how he still loves her….and mainly…to understand what she did.

During the investigation he and the detective get to know each other better and he finds out there’s no possible explanation that can fill what he needs. And understands that her actions mean she doesn’t care at all, which was what he wanted most. He understands her actions mean it’s not possible anymore and finds out what he wants for his life and that it can’t be found on any explanation or somebody else.

Sometimes in life other people actions catch us by surprise and we get very disappointed. The sooner we can forget about the facts and circumstances, the hows and whys,  to see and accept what it means, the better. The answers are always in ourselves and not in anybody else’s reasons and explanations. And a spontaneously given explanation means  a lot more than a demanded one.

Make a Wish

This morning I woke up feeling like going out for lunch, missing old friends that live far away, needing some time around familiar friendly faces.

The perspectives though pointed to another common Saturday of solitary activities.

Then right before lunch, totally unexpected, one of my cousins who lives in my home town called me: “Hey, we are in your town.We came for a graduation ceremony. We’d like to visit you and take you out for lunch.”  Then I gave her instructions of how to get to my place.

My favorite uncle and wife and 2 cousins and another loved aunt    [she is very young so I don’t tell it to anybody or people may think I’m her aunt] came here in my place [small space, huge heart].

We had a wonderful time.

Wish granted!