Lavoisier Law and Relationships

There is another team member in my project and I’m glad she is a nice person to deal with.
She is also very beautiful and I’ve introduced her to a few friends in the last days, at the office.
She made a comment that I’ve only introduced her to male friends and I told her I have very few female friends.
One of the guys I introduced to her is really nice to have as a friend but he’s a helpless womanizer.
He manages to come everyday by the time she is leaving and offers her a ride.
Of course I didn’t say anything about him to her but she noticed he is aggressive flirting with women and she asked me about it.
I said: “Well…why are you asking?”.
She asked if I was interested in him and I told her that even if I were [ I’m not ], I’d never be on his way.
If one is not for me then he can be with anyone else, I couldn’t care less….it’s like the Lavoisier Law:
“…mass cannot be created/destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space…”.
And so it is.



  1. Piraboy Said:

    In short, the mass is filling up another space. The question is…
    “Does she have enough space?”


  2. mimulus Said:

    You’re evil 🙂 .

    She wasn’t interested in him also, she only asked because she worried I could get jealous. And I told her that even if I were, it wouldn’t matter.

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