Good luck, Sis!

My sister is not here living with me anymore.
She had to leave on Friday to start a training at a company.
It happened so suddenly, she didn’t have time to plan.
And I got used to waking up early to make coffee for both of us and to talking to her in the morning,
having coffee before she left.
She is my sister and we are also very close.
It’s interesting how having someone very close at home doesn’t bother at all. It’s not invasive.
Now I’m back to complete solitude, which I know how to handle very well.
It was a tough moment saying goodbye to her last Friday.
I have been under too much stress lately and it caught us by surprise.
I ended up in the emergency room.
I know smoking kills but I think the most harmful are stress and emotion.
It’s gonna be better for her, I want everything to work fine, finding a new place to stay, and other stuff.
Good luck, Sis!


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