And At The End of The Day….

She was at the stairs, waiting for the bus, that would probably arrive even later, like most Fridays.

He came out of the door looking at the rain.

He comments: “I don’t know how I can get to my car now”.

She replies: “I can lend you my umbrella to go there. The bus is gonna take longer to arrive today. When you make the return I’ll take it back from you.”

He accepts.

When he comes back and opens the window to give the umbrella back he asks: “Where are you going to?”

She explains.

He: “Oh, I can give you a ride. It’s on my way.”

She: “Ok!”.

He: “My name is XXXX.”

She: “My name is XXXXXXX. Nice to meet you XXXX.”

He works there for almost ten years but she doesn’t remember him.

And they came talking all the way. Both easy going.

She discretly observing his hands. He has nice hands and she pays attention to men hands.

He is divorced and has an 8 year old son. Later tonight he is gonna pick him up to spend the weekend.

They get at her place. She thanks and gets off the car. And thinks how this world is full of people yet to know 🙂 .


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