Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts

According to Wikipedia [ I have no other source available now, despite of what people say about Wikipedia], emotions are subjective experiences, from an individual point of view. People often behave in a certain way as a result of their emotional state.

Some emotions occur in a short period of time, like surprise, when others can last years, like love.

Feelings are more related to sensations and perception. Thoughts are the mental process in which the individuals deal with their environment and perceptions, according to their plans, needs, ends and desires.

It all happens at the same time and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

For me, the most difficult has been to keep the mental process about my emotions and feelings under control.

My thoughts are the cause of all my anxiety and anguish.

When I just let emotions and feelings flow naturally without processing them, I feel nice.They are pleasant themselves.

I have needs, ends and desires, like everybody else. And I know none of them can come from these specific emotions and feelings.

So, what’s the point in keep processing it mentally? There’s no point.

I’m fighting against any questions related to my emotions and feelings that arouse in my mind, any ifs, whys and hows.

And I hope that these emotions and feelings can spontaneously vanish as I started feeling them.


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